Established in 2013 - Lightflare Pictures is an online platform showcasing Kate A Berry’s photographic Art collections.





Kate is an experienced professional photographer & artist specialising in Fine Art and Visual Communication.


Throughout her career, Kate A Berry has gained a wide range of skills and professional experience. She exhibits her photographic artwork In the U.K and internationally, working with well-known curators, artists and designers.




Inspired by Art and the Natural World


With each new series, my work evolves and new techniques are explored.

Through visual language, metaphors appear and the viewer interprets them as they wish. My work is informed by my experiences with nature and our relationship with the natural world.


Please email Kate:- to receive more information about her current work, representation, collections and news.


Ice shimmer Series - Wildlife Trust Brokholes - Lancashire - By Kate A Berry -

All Rights Reserved 2016



Art and Photography by Kate A Berry

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved 2016