LightFlare Pictures



Kate established Lightflare Pictures in 2013 - to showcase her photography and artwork.

Throughout her career, she has gained a wide range of skills and has exhibited her artwork In the U.K and internationally, working with well-know artists and designers.


Kate is an experienced professional Photographer, art educator and presenter – specializing in teaching Art, Design and Photography courses.





Kate Alexandra Berry received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Photographic Communication from University College Falmouth in 1999. In the same year she received a Professional Qualification in Photography from the British institute of Photography. During her university years she studied underwater photography – which has become part of her artistic practice.


With each new series, her work evolves and new artistic techniques are explored and developed. Her work encompasses a wide range of subjects, and is informed by her experience with and towards nature, culture, philosophy and society. The symbiotic relationship between people and the natural world, in both urban and rural environments is explored and is of constant inspiration.


Kate has participated in solo and group exhibitions, contributing towards various community art & design projects both in the United Kingdom and Asia.









Art and Photography by Kate A Berry

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